Stephanie L


There were some twists and turns towards delivery day that disappointed me immensely however the customer service rep, Kevin Ogden truly saved this customer from fleeing. I’m so glad he did as we are absolutely in love with our new puppy. She has brought much needed joy to our family. Employees can make or break the customer experience. I can’t say enough good things about Kevin and how he handled me (the irate customer).cutepuppyspot is fortunate to have someone like him who went above and beyond. And I’ve already recommended cutepuppyspot twice so great customer service is now leading to free referrals.

Michelle W


My puppy Velvet was delivered on time by a nice driver. cutepuppyspot called me a week ahead of time to inform me about Velvet’s vet check and that she had crossed molars, which according to my vet not much of an issue. I think they were trying to be thorough. I had read quite a few bad reviews of cutepuppyspot when in the months awaiting my puppy’s arrival that did worry me. Fortunately that wasn’t the case. I felt that cutepuppyspot answered any of my questions or concerns promptly, were professional and I feel that they really care about the puppies.

Claudia P


I am very pleased with the Yorky puppy that I purchased. She is Mia Angel, my angel.

Deanna D.

 New York

Great service everything promised was delivered we love our new baby! Thank you Petsneedlove ❤️

Teresa R.

 Nord Carolina

Great management people not a scam I’ve been through 2 scams in 1 day and was by far very satisfied with cutepuppyspot and their concern with new pup and ownership of puppy

Loreen L.


Excellent people to work with. Our puppy camp to us happy and healthy and the breeder is so helpful.

Elayne K.


We are absolutely in love with our puppy Sunshine. The process was very smooth! cutepuppyspot was helpful, friendly, and professional! Sunshine’s travel day went great. She flew from St. Louis to LA. She was bathed before she arrived. She had been fed well during her travel day. She was an instant joy. It seems she came from a good breeder. She potties on the grass, loves playing outdoors, loves people. Thank you cutepuppyspot!

Nancy M.


I just love ❤️ my max he is truly a blessing to me my grandson loves him we all love him he’s had all his shots and cleared for peri site He’s going to be a happy dog

Deborah M.


Arrived early and puppy was healthy and clean! Great service

Michele B.

 New Jersey

We hit the Jackpot with our newest addition to our family! Max is wonderful!! Great temperament , lovable too many to name!! cutepuppyspot kept us updated, sent photos, and Max’s delivery was so smooth! Excellent 5 stars all the way!!